Kohler Highline Toilet Review

There are a lot of frustrations that comes with using a bad toilet. Having a good toilet on the other hand will give you a great peace of mind. One of the best toilets that you will never go wrong with is this Kohler highline toilet. It is reliable, durable and highly efficient. Besides, it is very sophisticated yet has the simplest look which can sometimes make its high performance overlooked. It will also give your bathroom a complementary look.

The best thing that you will definitely like about this toilet is its water efficiency. Moreover, the toilet is affordable and has a moderately simple installation process.  Read through this Kohler highline toilet review to know the finer details about this toilet.

  • Toilet Design

One of the best features that makes this toilet outstanding is its design. The overall design of this toilet looks nice and can easily blend with all your bathroom decors and style. It has an elongated seat which leaves more sitting space making it comfortable. The toilet is also a two piece, it has separate toilet tank and bowl. 

Moreover, the toilet seat has an average height which is two inch higher than the normal toilet seat height, this makes it easier for all users to sit and stand especially those with lower back problems and the elderly.

  • Powerful flushing System

Kohler highline toilet has a pressure lite trademark flushing technology known as the class five flushing technology which uses gravity to flush the toilet. The toilet can therefore flush all the waste in the bowl with just a single flush. The technology also helps in keeping the toilet bowl clean on its own after every flush making the toilet to remain clean for a very long time even after several use. Besides it only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush hence it is water efficient.

  • Cost

This Kohler highline toilet is also one of the cheapest Kohler toilets in the market today. Although its prices are low, the toilet price does not correspond to its performance. You are likely to get more value for your money if you buy this toilet. Besides the toilet is very durable since it’s made of vitreous china hence can last for more than 20 years while still in good condition if properly maintained.

  • Installation

Last but not least, this Kohler highline toilet is very easy to install. The installation process is very easy such that anyone with basic DIY skills can comfortable install it. Besides, you won’t need an additional man power since it’s a two piece hence easy to lift. It also comes with an installation pamphlet with pretty clear instructions. Unfortunately it does not come with all the fixtures and fittings. Hence you will have to purchase them separately.


  • The toilet has a sleek design that makes it to easily blend and complement any bathroom décor.
  • It has a comfortable height hence can be comfortably used by those who are suffering from lower back pains.
  • The toilet has a very powerful and efficient flushing system that clears all the bowl content with just a single flush.
  • Kohler Highline toilet is certified by water Sense certification.
  • It comes with one year unlimited warranty.
  • The toilet is very easy to install and it comes with installation manual.
  • The toilet has elongated bowl that leaves more sitting space.
  • It is relatively cheap yet powerful as compared to other Kohler toilets with similar features in the market.


  • The toilet makes a lot of noise when filling the tank and when flushing.
  • It does not come with its toilet seat and supply line. Hence you will have to purchase them separately.