Effective Ways on How to Clean Plastic Sinks

How to Clean Plastic Sinks

Plastic sinks are as useful as other types of sinks. However, cleaning them is usually a bit of a challenge. One of the reasons for this is that you cannot use traditional cleaners used on other sinks to clean them. Some of these cleaners can be too harsh on the acrylic sinks. 

On the other hand, if you use normal dish soap, you may not get the expected results since plastic is not strong enough. Fortunately, there are ingredients that you can use to clean plastic sinks and remove even the toughest of stains. 

Care of Plastic Sinks

Most plastic sinks are usually white and are made of acrylic material. This makes them more susceptible to stains as compared to other sinks like those made of porcelain. It is important that you settle on the right cleansing product to avoid causing damage to your sink. 

Although there are special cleaning products that are specific for acrylic sinks, even household products can get the job done. Caring for your plastic sink requires you to maintain it regularly. A good maintenance practice for acrylic sink is spraying it with a mixture of vinegar and water after every use. This helps to remove stubborn stains and disinfect it. 

Cleaning Plastic Sink Stains

Sometimes you may have to use a gentle acid to get out the stains on your plastic sink. You can also use alkalizing cleansers like baking soda. It is capable of removing tough stains from plastic surfaces by breaking off the bonds that make the stains stick on the surface. You can also use both vinegar and baking soda by first applying the baking soda using a sponge before spraying the sink with vinegar. 

You can then scrub the sink surface and then allow the mixture to sit for around 20 minutes. Rinse the sink using cool clean water. If there are still some stains on the sink, make a pasts of baking soda and leave it to sit for around 10 minutes before you scrub again. 

Additional Cleaning Techniques

If the stains on your sink are still stubborn, then you should try a different cleaning material. Using alcohol can also help to remove tough stains. However, sometimes alcohol can produce unpleasant smells when it comes into contact with your sink. You can try other different abrasive cleaners that are non-toxic. 

Are Plastic Sinks Good for Your Kitchen?

If you are looking for the perfect choice of sink for your kitchen, you might wonder if a plastic sink would be a great option. In terms of cost, an acrylic sink is a great option since it costs less. They are also easy to install and are lightweight as compared to ceramic or steel sinks. Lastly, acrylic sinks are usually available in a variety of attractive colors and stylish designs. However, it also has some drawbacks.

The biggest drawback of acrylic sinks is that they are not durable. They can easily get damaged. For example, if it comes into contact with a hot material, it might melt. Plastic sinks are also vulnerable to leaking after some time. 

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