The Best Porcelain RV Toilet

Best Porcelain RV Toilet

Imagine having the freedom to poo anytime you want while on the go in a motorhome! RV toilets will make you forget you’re on the road. And when you get the best porcelain RV toilet, you can be sure it will be non-porous, less susceptible to bacteria buildup, corrosion-free, and easy to clean. So, what is the best porcelain toilet for RV? 

Porcelain RV Toilet: Top 5 Reviews 

Below we have handpicked the top 5 models on the market. Check them out!

1. Thetford 42058 High Profile RV Toilet

The Thetford 42058 is a high profile, versatile, contemporary, stylish, and homelike toilet suitable for all RVs. The toilet uses a pedal system. This is functional for flushing and adding water into the bowl. Its flushing system is powerful and covers the entire bowl. 

The Thetford 42058 has a customizable antimicrobial seat that prevents molds and bacteria, which cause odor. The china bowl is lightweight for on-the-go use. It’s fitted with a water-saving hand sprayer that can be used for hand-rinsing. 

Overall, it is easy to install, includes all needed parts, comfortable to use, and easy to clean. 

2. Dometic SeaLand – 302510483 Traveler 510 Plus Toilet

The Sealand 510 Plus is a China toilet made by Dometic. It is made of durable porcelain, which resists scratches and stains. The high-gloss and brilliant finish gives it more elegance and makes it last for years. 

The rim flush makes it very water efficient. It uses less than 500 millimeters of water (or just a pint) for every flush. The SeaLand has seals made of Teflon, and flush ball which provides self-cleaning. It’s a traveler’s toilet, which is very easy to use. Styled for travelers, you have a higher seat, deeper bowl, and a household-type seat.  

3. Dometic 310 Series Low Profile Toilet

The Dometic 310 is a low-profile one-piece toilet with a standard height and a Slow Close wooden seat. Offering a good value for money, the china model includes the innovative PowerFlush technology. 

However, note that the seats aren’t included. They can only be ordered separately (read more about what is the best toilet seat by follow this link). The Dometic toilet is made of 100% vitreous China with a shiny and non-porous surface. The gravity flush is the best in its class. It offers a powerful 360° flush coverage with a swirl-jet cleaning. 

Lightweight, the 310 series has a long and full-sized seat measuring 18 inches. This offers the right ergonomics, making it feel as though it were a household-sized toilet. The waterline connect is easily accessible. Guaranteed for a long time, the porcelain toilet comes with two years of warranty. The ceramic bowl alone, however, is covered by 10 years of limited warranty.  

4. Thetford 34433 RV Toilet 

The Aqua Magic Style Plus is an RV toilet with a full-sized residential seat. Convenient and stylish, it has a low profile elegant china bowl. Easy to install and service, it has a 7-12 inches seat with a full bowl flush system. With this toilet, you have an option between a low profile or high profile unit. The china toilet also comes in two colors: white and bone. More elegant and luxurious, the bone color is lower in style but more expensive. 

The porcelain material of the bowl is antimicrobial. It stops the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, which cause odor. The toilet has a powerful single-pedal flushing system that entirely covers the bowl during each flush. 

5. Dometic SeaLand 510 Plus China Toilet

We’re closing with another Dometic SeaLand 510 model; this china toilet has an elegant white finish. This gives it a highly glossy and luxurious look. The sturdy porcelain withstands scratches and resists stains. The toilet system is very water efficient. It uses a half liters of water per flush. Easy to use and easy to install, the product offers everything that’ll make you feel just like home. 

The convenience product is very suitable for RV use as it is designed for traveling. It features a deep bowl with a higher seat height for enhanced ergonomics. 


RV toilets are a more functional type of toilet than the ones in our homes. They are designed for emergency convenience while in an RV or motorhome. As these toilets must be easy to clean, be less porous, and inhibit odor, choosing them should not be by an impulse. We have done the cherry-picking and helped you choose the best porcelain RV toilet. Now, it’s left for you to decide what fits your style and budget. 

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