The 5 Best 8.5 KW Electric Shower

Best 8.5 KW Electric Shower

On a cold morning, you hate to struggle with making hot water available for all members of the family. Convenient hot showers can be elusive until you acquire an electric shower.

But what is the best 8.5 KW electric shower for you? This article will help you identify the best option on the market.

Top Products on the Market

After researching several 8.5 KW electric showers, we identified the following as the top products on the market:

Triton Showers MOSV08SG Seville Universal Electric Shower, 8.5 KW

This electric shower offers maximum value for money with the comfort and convenience it delivers. Therefore, it is quite easy to use with the separate temperature and flow controls. These controls will help you produce the degree of hotness you want and also your desired water flow. Consequently, you will get a refreshing shower. 

This shower comes with multiple water and cable entry points at both ends. As a result, it makes the ideal replacement product. It features a shower head that is quite easy to clean, thus making maintenance a hassle-free exercise. 


  • It is economical
  • It is easy to install
  • It has two years guarantee


  • Single spray mode

Triton T80gsi 8.5kW Electric Shower

This product is another impressive electric shower which is perfect for replacement. This is as a result of its multiple water and cable and entry points and special 180 reversible water connection. It features a push start/stop button, thus allowing you to select showering settings; High, Eco, Cold. This in turn makes the shower perfect for the whole family. 

This shower offers an easy fit installation. However, you should call for the service of a professional plumber/electrician to ensure accurate and safe installation. 


  • It has a button for selecting shower settings
  • Shower head offers 5 spray patterns
  • It comes with two years guarantee


  • Guarantee service is poor

Aqualisa Quartz Electric shower with adjustable head, Chrome, 8.5kW

This product is a stylish and powerful but also economical electrical shower. The Quartz electric is perfect as a replacement or secondary shower. Here, there’s no demand on stored water, water gets heated as required. The 105mm shower head delivers an impressive 5 spray patterns, representing a perfect accompaniment to this shower. 

This shower features a special Over Temperature Protection which protects users from choosing temperatures that are too hot. Therefore, this feature will offer safer showering for everyone in the family. 


  • Phased Shutdown feature prolongs product life
  • Over Temperature Protection ensures water doesn’t get too hot
  • It offers 5 spray patterns


  • It doesn’t last long

iBathUK 8.5kW Triton Alicante Thermostatic Electric Shower

This product is a great electric shower which will offer you valuable and enjoyable showering time. This is as a result of three power settings and the multifunction shower head. With four functions, the shower head will deliver flow just as you want it. This shower does its job efficiently as it will heat up water as you require. It won’t place a burden on your stored hot water. 

It features a thermostatic control which will allow you to control the water temperature without sacrificing pressure performance. Hence, it will be a great fit for the family bathroom.  


  • Chrome hose avoids kink
  • Low pressure indicators notifies of insufficient water pressure
  • Thermostatic control helps check water temperature


  • Hose is too short

Triton Madrid II White 8.5kW Electric Shower

This is another great electric shower which will deliver great value to you and your family. With a flexible shower hose is an easy-to-clean rubber nozzle which will help to prevent build up of lime scale. As a result, you won’t experience restricted water flow due to blockages. 

It comes with an auto shutdown/safety shut off feature which activates when not in use and help you save on electricity bill. With 5 cable and water connection entry points, this is an excellent replacement product for you family bathroom. 


  • It has 5 cable and water entry points
  • Auto shutdown features saves energy
  • Rubber nozzle prevents lime buildup


  • Single spray mode


Electric showers are the ultimate solution to the troubles of hot water shortage on mornings. With this type of shower, you won’t have to trouble yourself by storing hot water for bath. It has the necessary features to heat water and provide you that sizzling hot shower to relax your body. Consequently, you can get the best 8.5 kw electric shower for yourself from our list of reviewed products. 

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