The Regional Equity Atlas uses maps, policy analysis, and community based research to promote widespread opportunity for a stronger, healthier, and more sustainable region.

Mapping Equity


Explore maps, policy analysis, and community based research assessing how well different neighborhoods and populations are able to access the essential resources needed to meet their basic needs and advance their health and well-being.  A web-based mapping tool allows users to create their own custom maps.

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Equity Stories Project


The Equity Stories Project shares experiences of people throughout our region whose lives are affected by the patterns shown on the Equity Atlas maps.  Their stories are powerful reminders of the disparities people experience every day. They also remind us of the richness, diversity, and resilience of the communities across our region.

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Create Your Own Equity Atlas


The Regional Equity Atlas toolkit supports communities across the United States in using maps to document disparities and promote greater equity. The toolkit walks users through the process of creating an equity atlas to support research, coalition-building, and policy change.

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